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Mercedes-Benz Recall Department

Even the exceptionally high-quality vehicles put out by Mercedes-Benz may sometimes be recalled and need service. If your Mercedes-Benz model is named in a recall, you are entitled to have the issue repaired free of charge at an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center like Mercedes-Benz of San Juan.

Automotive Safety Recalls: The Details

Both Mercedes-Benz and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are tireless in their efforts to keep you safe, which is why any potential safety issues are taken very seriously. If Mercedes-Benz or (more rarely) the NHTSA are made aware of a safety issue with any Mercedes-Benz model, an investigation may be pursued. If the investigation turns up a defect that creates an unreasonable risk to your safety or causes your vehicle not to meet safety standards, Mercedes-Benz will issue a recall notice.

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Mercedes-Benz of San Juan Recall Department

Checking for Recall Notices

The recall notice that Mercedes-Benz issues will be sent by first-class mail. This notice will alert you of the recall, let you know what safety issues the safety-related defect may cause, and tell you the steps you should take to have the troublesome component repaired or replaced. If you believe that your Mercedes-Benz may have an open recall, but you have missed this notification, you can always use this online tool to check the recall database. Enter your vehicle’s 17-digit VIN and click to search the database. You will be able to see if your Mercedes-Benz model has had any recalls within the past decade that have not been addressed.

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